The IV AMMCS International Conference

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada | August 20-25, 2017

AMMCS 2017 Awards and Prizes

Student Prize Winners

Poster session:

  1. Kevin Bishop (University of Waterloo) - Quantum mechanical free energy profile of the water dimer over a broad range of temperatures
  2. Nelly Mariana Baena Lopez (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Azcapotzalco) - Modeling and Simulation of Phenol Degradation in Cascade Photoreactor

Special Session (SS) category:

  1. Kirk Kayser (Arizona State University) - Kinetic Models of Conservative Economies with Welfare Thresholds
  2. Carlos Valero (University of Waterloo) - Separation of variables on spaces of constant curvature

Contributed Session (CS) category:

  1. Alex Pitkin (University of Sussex) - High-order Scheme for option pricing with stochastic volatility and jumps in returns
  2. Amjad Khan (University of Western Ontario) - Population dynamics of phages and biofilm bacteria

The AMMCS Kolmogorov-Wiener Prize for Young Researchers

Dr. David Emerson (Tufts University)

Award citation: David Emerson received his PhD from the Department of Mathematics at Tufts University in 2015. He is a computational scientist whose main results are at the interface between applied partial differential equations and optimization for nonlinear problems. He made significant original contributions to the development of mathematical and computational methodologies for multiphysics models of liquid crystals, including the well-posedness theory, multigrid method, and finite element discretization. Applications of such models encompass display technologies, nanoparticle organization, polymer fibers, elastomers used in the production of novel actuator devices like artificial muscles and light-driven motors, among many others.
Dr. Emerson’s other research interests include flexoelectricity, photovoltaic solar cells, as well as the design of large-scale machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. At the time of the award, he has published his results in some of the top tier journals in his interdisciplinary field, including Physical Review and SIAM journals, as well as in several conference proceedings.

Student Travel Awards

  • Samad Bhuiyan (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
  • Ahamad Khan (University of Lethbridge)
  • Anton Mosunov (University of Waterloo)
  • Seyedali Melli (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Shuangjian Zhang (University of Toronto)
  • Sharon Mano (Indian Institute of Technology Madras - India)
  • Nicholas Wilkins (Rochester Institute of Technology - USA)
  • Sude Tavassoli (Kaiserlautern University of Technology - Germany)